Did we really need statistics to prove the Land of Smiles is the least miserable country?

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It’s a bit of a cultural shock initially when in Thailand, you see for the most part Thais smile at you when you approach them. Complete strangers walk past each other with beaming smiles, a far cry from my days working in London when even eye contact was a scarcity. The cynics would say its... Read more »

Facebook penetration in Thailand is Staggering

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Facebook was only launched back in 2004 and in that time has acquired 2.3 billion global users and Thailand has emerged as a key country for the social media giant, ranking 8th in the world. With a population of 69million, Thailand has 46million Facebook users (July 2019), that is approaching 70% of the population! India... Read more »

The Things that stop me returning back to the UK

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I am pretty open about sharing my position on living here in Thailand. I like it and always have, but would I be open for a move back to the UK? Absolutely. However, there are a few things that grate with me about this as an option. I have a young family and so my... Read more »

When a retiree expat unexpectedly finds himself a dad again, is this actually a good thing?

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You have worked all your life and am now ready to enter your golden years and retire in the Thailand sunshine. Sounds blissful and a chance for many to have their ‘me-time’, but then suddenly they find their Thai partner is pregnant and at 60 or so years old they are going to have to... Read more »